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received 3/22/2011 10:07 AM:
Subject: Re: requesting login to Drayage.com Directory
Hi Jason, Thanks for the quick response. Appreciate the efforts that you have put in the directory! It is extremely useful cost saving tool! Regards,
Karim Rajwani - MKR Equipment

received 3/7/2011 5:13 PM:
Subject: RE:one-way power to move an EMHU from Indy?
Got it covered (this time it was Ray at Time Dispatch who helped us out). Your site really is awesome, it's gotten us out of many a jam so thanks again.
Drew Kasper - Coyote Logistics

received 1/18/2010 2:13 PM:
Subject: RE: any power tomorrow in HOUSTON, TX?
Thanks Jason, got it covered. I LOVE your website! It is so convenient! Hope you have a great week!
Kim Holland - C2 Freight Resources

received 10/5/2009 1:00 AM:
Subject: LoadMatch Website
I love this website and want to stay on it forever! TSI / Columbus

received 7/28/2009 5:18 PM:
Subject: RE: new IMDL load: 40' MAERSK delivery to Union Ci
Jason, Thank you and I love you :) I will recommend your site and tell everyone I know about your site. I have had four calls in the last 20 minutes.
Bobi Cumpston - Customer First Warehouse / Hayward

received 7/9/2009 9:18 AM:    [EDITOR: this was the draymen's first day being listed]
Subject: positive results from Drayage.com
Hi Jason, Thanks for forwarding my info to CMA. They booked 1 container for export this morning. I appreciate it! Regards, Anthony Transnational Logistics Corp - S Kearny, NJ

received 7/8/2009 9:45 AM:
Subject: LoadMatch Directory
I am on a bonded freight mission and this site thus far has had the best info for me. Chase Freshwater, Total Quality Logistics / Cincinnati

received 9/26/2002 11:54 AM:
Subject: RE: new business
I really haven't found any other site that lists intermodal loads. You can find a million that will post Over the Road loads, but we've booked several intermodal containers from leads off your site. Thanks for everything. Suzy Homrighausen REI Transport - Waterloo, IL

received 5/2/2002 4:34 PM:
Subject: Neomodal - Navarre, OH
Jason, A customer called me for information about Navarre, OH, and wanted to know who did drayage there. I knew that Jasper Transport does work there but had no further information. I looked for Jasper Transport on the web and found the listing.....courtesy of Loadmatch! I gave my customer the info about how to contact Jasper Transport and told him "I found the information on Loadmatch". Just thought I'd let you know that you had an impact! David Wilson Canadian National Railroad - Chicago, IL

received 4/12/2001 7:46 AM:
Subject: re: help
Yeah!!! Thanks for the update!!! This is a great site and I use it quite a bit. I was almost going through LoadMatch withdrawl!! Ha Ha Leslie Garbs Redwood Systems. - Atlanta, GA

received 3/27/2001 7:30 AM:
Subject: empty and reload containers
Thanks so much the information found on LoadMatch. You are the first person that has given me a realistic lead. Thanks again! Laura Sievert W.G. Block Co. - Davenport, IA

received 1/10/2001 9:44 PM:
Subject: Re: Delta Nu Alpha Dinner Meeting
Jason, it was really good to see you again and I thought you did an excellent job with your presentation. The people sitting around me all had very positive remarks and were impressed. One of the women actually said she was going to have her boss contact you today to become one of your subscribers! Take care for now and we'll talk to you soon. John Pollack Compass Consolidators - Lemont, IL

received 10/16/2000 9:30 AM:
Subject: LoadMatch Email
Spoke with Jason on 10/11, since then I have referred many customers to your website. This is a great place for my customers and very user friendly. Lori Union Pacific Railroad - Omaha, NE

received 7/14/2000 5:55 PM:    [EDITOR: from the owner of a Chicago-based IMC]
Subject: LoadMatch Email
Jase, Been nice knowing you for awhile. Can't get over how famous you've become now since we drank all that Amtrak joy juice in Dallas. Great article. Going to Ireland now for 10 days. Will not send cards. John

received 5/25/2000 1:17 PM:
Subject: LoadMatch Email
I like the site. It covers a lot of information in an easy to find format. Keep up the good work. Pete Fontana Norfolk Southern Division Manager - Columbus, OH

received 4/9/2000 10:44 AM:    [EDITOR: his resume was posted on JobMatch for 22 days]
Subject: Delete Resume
Dear Loadmatch, Thank you for giving the opportunity to post my Resume on line at your site at no cost at all! You guys have done an excellent job. This a very effective site. Please keep up the good work. I really did benefit from it and still do everyday. Thank you and kind Regards, Artur

received 2/23/2000 3:46 PM:    [EDITOR: her resume was posted on JobMatch for two weeks]
Subject: Please remove my resume
To whom it may concern, please remove my resume from your web site. I have found employment and no longer need you services. You have a great web site and it was a pleasure using it. Thanks, Lisa Finkel

received 2/23/2000 9:53 AM:
Subject: RE: Thanks,
Jason, I just wanted to drop you a note and compliment your site. It is easy to navigate and loads fast even with a 56k modem. I would like an oportunity to meet with you sometime just to network. It is rare to find someone in our industry that has the technical efficiency shown by your site. Best regards, Dominick Jr. D/C Transport, Inc.

In the News:  ( jump to Comments)

Jason Hilsenbeck, founder and President of LoadMatch, Inc. was one of the guest speakers at the IANA Innovative Intermodal Symposium on May 10, 2005 in Oak Brook, IL. A short Power Point presentation was given about the Drayage Directory and its profile of container truckers, and the intermodal Equipment Matching function of LoadMatch.

Jason Hilsenbeck was the guest speaker at the Intermodal Association of Chicago dinner February 7, 2005 in Darien, IL. The presentation was a live on-the-Internet demonstration of the new LoadMatch Drayage Directory and the Intermodal Posting Wizard that helps IMC's and Forwarders cover more loads faster. Intermodal Association of Chicago

LoadMatch to exhibit at the Transcomp/Intermodal Expo
November 13-16, 2004
     view article

LoadMatch Turns Five Years Old
May 20, 2004
    view article
B2B Shipment Expo Assessing the role of the online freight exchanges:
The new intermediaries of the Internet age

June 25, 2001
 view article

XTRA Intermodal
August 30, 2000
For Immediate Release
XTRA Intermodal & LoadMatch.com partner to provide equipment availability listings throughout North America
XTRA Intermodal, a division of XTRA Corporation, has established a partnership with LoadMatch, Inc. of Naperville, IL to provide updated availability of equipment through live data feeds over the internet. Since the availability of loads, trucks and equipment changes throughout the day, they have created a technology to make the continual process of posting and updating availability easier and faster to the customer. Visitors to LoadMatch.com have the ability to search for intermodal equipment via unique regions of railroad terminal groupings for equipment throughout all of North America.

"XTRA Intermodal's equipment information on LoadMatch.com includes equipment availability at depot and maintenance locations as well as equipment on relief at railramps; information not usually available through existing reservation methods. This allows drayage and intermodal marketing companies to obtain equipment availability online throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. We are timely in this partnership as the most critical peak shipping season approaches and availability for trailers, containers and chassis is in high demand." noted Doug Hoehn, Vice President of Product Marketing for XTRA Intermodal.

Jason Hilsenbeck, President of Loadmatch, explains "At www.loadmatch.com, our equipment matching service connects buyers and sellers of North American intermodal transportation at an operational level. LoadMatch brings together the availability of drayage truckers and equipment suppliers into one source of capacity information. This combination of information enables the operations person to make better decisions on which companies to use to supply equipment and trucking power for moving loads."

Also of interest, XTRA Intermodal has recently released its Chassis Management System (CMS) on its web site. Customers can track equipment turn time, street dwell time, monitor pool to pool moves, and view utilization in the chassis pools they use. They also have access to unit specific FHWA inspections and registration information, as well as maintenance and repair history and invoicing. Please go to www.xtraintermodal.com for details.

XTRA Intermodal operates four sales offices, seven intermodal trailer terminals, ten container depots and eight neutral chassis pools throughout North America. The company manages a fleet of over 50,000 intermodal trailers, domestic containers, and chassis.