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What is Intermodal?
What is Intermodal?

Intermodal:  being or involving transportation by more than one form of carrier during a single journey.

LoadMatch focuses on both domestic & international intermodal transportation of equipment between trucks, railroads, and ocean lines. Maybe you have seen a train pass by with truck trailers riding on the railroad cars. The following is a quick example of utilizing more than one mode of transportation to ship freight from origin to destination:

Intermodal: the combination of truck trailer riding on train A truck moves an empty piece of equipment to a shipper to pick up a load.
The equipment is loaded with freight and then taken by truck to a railroad yard.
Loaded equipment is put onto a train and railed to its destination.
The load is taken off the train and delivered by truck to the customer.
Equipment is unloaded and now empty, ready for another load.

Those in the intermodal industry will confirm there are many variables in this process. However, the more efficient the process, the more profitable it can be. When equipment goes out empty, comes back empty, or is sitting idle, LoadMatch.com can market this availability online to improve utilization of time and equipment.

The following is an example of an intermodal train moving new 53' trailers. These trailers, shown in the picture, can be found listed in Equipment Matching under TemStar. Click here for a listing of Container Truckers

Intermodal BNSF-Mark VII-TemStar train departing Chicago for Los Angeles with new 53' refrigerated trailers
Eola, IL 9/24/99