LoadMatch News - May 20, 2004

May 20, 2004 - Naperville, IL, USA - LoadMatch Inc. celebrates five year anniversary.

Hello Everyone,
Just a quick note to say thank you to all my friends, associates, and customers who have helped my company grow over the past five years. Thank you!

What's new? The biggest event during the last year was the acquisition of the website drayage.com. The merging of loadmatch.com and drayage.com has really solidified our search engine results. Type in the keyword "drayage" on Google, and you'll find we're fourth from the top out of 29,000 results. If you are a drayage trucker, it is really worth the $200/year to advertise your company in the LoadMatch Drayage Directory.

What's next? Adding more customers while keeping our existing 700 + customers happy! To do this, I am aggressively seeking customers who can automate the process of sending load or truck data directly from their computer. If you are a dispatch software provider, this is a feature you could provide.

Please check out the comments below. Our Equipment Matching feature has really made an impression on some IMC's and Draymen.

Thank you for your continued support and have a good Memorial Day weekend!

Jason Hilsenbeck
LoadMatch Inc.
Naperville, IL
630-428-9230 ph
630-428-9229 fx

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Customer Successes

April 19, 2004
On Monday around noon, we contacted you to find a drayage trucker to deliver two loaded rail trailers from BNSF-Chicago to Grand Blanc, MI....and get them delivered by 8:00 PM that same night! Our customer's print production line was nearly stopped, but with your help these intermodal loads were delivered.   -   Independent Dispatch, Inc.

May 17, 2004
Your LoadMatch service has really helped us cover loads. We needed a drayage trucker with a tri-axle chassis to pickup a heavy 20' container...and deliver the next morning! The information on your website helped us find a draymen that could do it. We now use your site to find other things like which draymen can haul haz-mat. Thank you.   -   Compass Consolidators, Inc.

May 18, 2004
Thank you for helping us find a load for that CSXU container. We pulled it out empty, but the load canceled on us. Not only did you help us avoid the expense of the mis-use penalty, we actually made revenue on it!   -   RoadLink USA

LoadMatch offers 3 products to improve intermodal transportation operations:
1) Equipment Matching: a source of information to increase operational efficiency -
    match loads to trucks with equipment...
    match loads to truck power only...
    match truck power to equipment...
2) Intermodal Directory: a phone book like listing of intermodal transportation providers
    including IMC's, drayage truckers, rail and stacktrain equipment suppliers.
3) Jobs & Resumes: a job and free resume board for those in the intermodal transportation business

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