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The LoadMatch.com and the Drayage.com websites are built around a compiled database owned by the company LoadMatch Inc. ("LoadMatch").  Content is solely for use by those who agree to all the Terms of Use contained in this site.

LoadMatch content is intended for use by the general public to allow quick access to information on freight transportation providers within North America.


The use of LoadMatch content to establish independent data files or compendiums of information is prohibited.  You may not use any data obtained from LoadMatch database as part of a commercial product, service or content offering.

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Content in the LoadMatch database may not be used by third parties for telemarketing, direct marketing, commercial mass e-mail or by agents or representatives or email spammers.  The database has been seeded with email addresses, phone and fax numbers that can only be found in this database and if any of these seeded (poison for spammers or abusers) email addresses is sent email in violation of these terms then LoadMatch will aggressively pursue litigation against violators.


LoadMatch has a Privacy Policy setting out LoadMatch’s information gathering, publishing, and dissemination practices with respect to this site. A copy of the Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into these Terms of Use, as if set forth fully herein, can be found here.